Are Loot Boxes Ethical?

With the discussions around loot boxes reaching a fever pitch in 2018, there have been many public posts around whether it is ethical to sell loot boxes in video games. While it’s indisputable that some game players dislike them, does that make them unethical? How do we define whether a monetization system is ethical in the first place? And what are the responsibilities of game developers: to create the most efficient monetization systems so they can focus on building games, or to build games that are single experiences? Join a panel of experienced developers and ethical experts as they discuss whether loot boxes and similar systems are ethical in the game industry.


Alex Engel [IGDA Boston, DraftKings], Jen MacLean [Executive Director, IGDA], Kelli Dunlap [PsyD, Director of Mental Health Research and Design at iThrive Games], Rachel Kowert [Psychologist, Take This]