Being an Artist in the Game Industry

Are you a GAME loving aspiring artist?! You’re likely at least ONE of those things! If marrying your love of drawing with your ambition of working in games, come to this panel and hear from some of the industry best about JUST THAT! Feel free to bring your portfolio, business cards, or sketchbook. There will be ample time for questions and answers. (lists names of artists behind games like Overwatch and Madden and more)


Nick Nazzaro (@TheNazzaro) [Co-owner and Lead Artist, Lay Waste Games], Anya Combs (@AnyaynA) [Senior Outreach Games, Kickstarter], Gwen Frey (@diregoldfish) [President, Chump Squad (Kline)], Heather Vaughan [Illustrator/Art Director, Silverclutch Games], Matt Boehm (@matthewboehm) [Senior Animator, Blizzard (Overwatch)], Pete Paquette [Freelance Animator, Blizzard (previously Riot, EA, and more)]