Beyond Hitpoints: Healthy Behaviors In and Around Games

Research has found that players often ‘unintentionally’ learn a range of things while playing video games, including skills (multitasking, leadership) and facts (information about historical events and figures). However, the types of health behaviors players can learn is a relatively unexplored topic. Join a panel of medical practitioners, mental health researchers, and mental health advocates as they discuss the good, bad, and ugly of health behaviors in games through some of your favorite characters.  We’re addressing the REAL questions, like how long is Death Stranding’s Sam Bridges’ back going to hold up?


GamerDoc [Physician, CEO & Founder, GamerDoc], Rachel Kowert, PhD [Psychologist and Research Director, TakeThis], Cait McGee, DPT [Physical Therapist and Director of Esports Medicine and Performance, 1HP Gaming], Mxiety [Mental Health Advocate, Mxiety]