Breaking into Esports

How do you go pro at competitive video games? What does it take to become a prominent caster? A major team’s coach? And for that matter, how do successful esports organizations go about securing millions in venture financing? On this panel, find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about breaking into the industry of esports, and start planning your rise to the top. And - as a special bonus - the entire panel will also be live recording an episode of the popular Business of Esports podcast.


Timothy Loew [Executive Director, MassDiGI], William Collis [Co-founder, Gamer Sensei & Team Genji], Arda Ocal [Overwatch Commentator, ESPN], Paul Dawalibi [CEO, Obsidian Ventures], Haley Jarosz [Student, Becker College], Murphy Vandervelde [Co-founder, Helix eSports]