Building a Career on YouTube in 2020

Join gaming YouTubers SwankyBox, Nathaniel Bandy, TetraBitGaming, Charriii5, Nintendrew and NicoBBQ of gaming YouTuber super-group Minus World, as they talk about the ins and outs of being a gaming content creator in 2020. In this panel you’ll learn about YouTube trends, pursuing content creation full time, working with brands and sponsors, creating gaming content that isn’t specifically Let’s Plays, the YouTube algorithm, finding your niche, video equipment, software, and so much more.


TetraBitGaming [Creator, TetraBitGaming], Nathaniel Bandy [Creator, Nathaniel Bandy], Nintendrew [Creator, Nintendrew], Charriii5 [Creator, Charriii5], NicoBBQ [Creator, NicoBBQ], SwankyBox [Creator, SwankyBox]