Ages 13+

Building Your Studio with Austin John Plays

Lights, Cameras, Backdrops - Building and Improving Your Recording/YouTube Studio with Austin John Plays

In the huge space of Youtube, how do you go from being a "BedroomTuber" to a "Legit Youtuber"?  Should you use a face cam? Should it be a webcam or a real camera or a DSLR? What type of Microphone should you get? What kinds of lights should you get? How can you decorate my backdrop? Should you use a Green Screen? How do you edit videos? How do YOU make YOUR Youtube Channel Better?

All of these questions are the things that you want to know. I’ll be sharing my lessons & experience from my years running a successful Youtube channel. I’ll teach you how you can improve on your quality of content and your Youtube Channel Overall!


Austin John Plays [Owner / Content Creator, Austin John Plays LLC], ericvita [Videographer / Editor, Austin John Plays LLC]