Celebrating 35 Years of Tetris

Over the last 35 years, Tetris has cemented itself as one of the greatest games ever made. In this panel, we’ll take a look back at how Tetris evolved from its humble beginnings as a computer program created by Alexey Pajitnov, to shipping all across the globe with the Nintendo Game Boy. We’ll also look at the rise of Tetris esports through events like the Classic Tetris World Championships (CTWC), as well as modern Tetris gems like Puyo Puyo Tetris, Tetris Effect, and Tetris 99.


Morgan Shaver [Senior Editor, Greenlit Content], Jeremy Parish [Co-Host, Retronauts], David Giltinan [Podcaster, ARGcast - Another Retro Gaming Podcast], Brenden Groom [EIC, Host, Pass The Controller], Chris Souza [Owner, Pixel River PR], Liana Ruppert [EIC, Prima Games]