Clank! Acquisitions Inc - New Employee Orientation ($)

Welcome to Acquisitions Incorporated! Before you set off on your own Deck-Building Adventures (TM), join us at PAX East for the fun-filled mandatory orientation event lovingly designed for heroes like YOU! “New Employee Orientation” is a two-round Clank! event and your first opportunity to play with the brand new Upper Management Packs!

Registration is available now online ( or onsite beginning Thursday, March 28th, at the Cascade Games booth in Tabletop. Onsite registration is pending availability, with maximum of 48 players.

Registration fee ($10) applies, and includes prize support for all players. Potential prizes include: promo cards and collectible pins, uncut sheets of Clank! cards, box product, and the grand prize: to be turned into an NPC in the next Clank! game. All players must have a copy of the Clank! Upper Management Pack to participate.