Cosplay Photography 101: The Stuff You Need to Know

You’ve spent hundreds of hours and even more of your hard-earned money creating your cosplay outfit, and at last, you’re ready to share it with the world. It’s time for your first photoshoot! What do you need to know? Join a panel of professional photographers, cosplayers, and legal experts to talk everything from poses to lighting to editing to intellectual property. Learn how to hire the right photographer, and how to help them help you get that perfect shot.


Isaiah Tanenbaum [Owner, Isaiah Tanenbaum Theatrical Photography & Design], Steven Rosen [Owner, Steven Rosen Photography], Micaila Dean [Owner, Armaria Cosplay], Charles Battersby [Cosplayer / Actor / Game Designer,], Anne Richmond [Community Manager/Content Producer & Cosplayer, Active Player Network / GTS Distribution], Patrick Quinn [Instructional Coordinator, Boston University]