D&D: Adventurers League & Acq. Inc.

The Role Initiative presents Dungeons & Dragons! Introductory and low-level adventures for both Adventurers League legal characters and Acquistions Incorporated-themed characters will be offered. Pre-generated characters will be available and provided to help new players jump into D&D Fifth Edition and immerse themselves in the experience.

Adventurers League information can be found here: http://dndadventurersleague.org/

Advice regarding creating characters for play in our Acquisitions Incorporated adventures can be found here: https://theroleinitiative.org/acquistions-incorporated-character-generation

There is no registration for D&D sessions. Simply line up at the RPG Zone in the Tabletop Hall prior to the session start time.

Modules run during this timeslot are: DDAL-09-01 - "Escape from Elturel" [Levels 1-2], DDAL-09-03 - "Hungry Shadows" [Tier 1], TRI-AI2019-AV-01 - "Orientation Week" [Levels 1-2], and TRI-AI2019-AV-02 - "A Night at the Theater" [Tier 1]

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