Flash Games Never Say Die

You ready to celebrate one of the greatest generation of games? From Neopets to Newgrounds, we’re going to explore the world of Flash Games and all the perfect little bite-sized morsels that went viral in our lives. With a killer independent game scene, amazing communities, and an impossibly good home on the World Wide Web, Flash became the ultimate incubator of innovative games. A panel of some of the best developers and contributors to the scene will be on-stage to share their own experiences making, playing, and being part of an incredible part of game history. So come vote 5, defend your towers, keep your helicopters away from the walls, and launch your penguins; we’re here to dive back into the best of Flash, no loading bars required.


John Cooney [Biz Dev, Armor Games], Brad Borne [Creator of Fancy Pants, Borne Games], Anya Combs [Director of Games Outreach, Kickstarter], Dora Breckinridge [Producer, Armor Games], Yowan Langlais [Cofounder, Juicy Beast]