From Jim Johnston to Koji Kondo: Gaming and Wrestling Themes

Video game music and wrestling themes need to serve the same purpose: they need to grab your attention, get you excited, and set the mood for the action to come. Think about it: you get the same feeling from hearing the first few notes of "Megalovania" as you do when you hear the trumpets before John Cena storms the stage: You know you’re about to get a serious beating!

The panelists here know their music, gaming and wrestling very well, and will offer a look at the theory behind building hype, as well as take a behind the scenes look at upcoming wrestling game "Retromania Wrestling"!


Rhythm Bastard [Composer, Performer, Rhythm Bastard], Mega Ran [Performer, Teacher Rapper Hero, Mega Ran], Robert Russell [QA Tester, Harmonix]