Gamification in the Workplace: Bringing Video Games to Work

In this panel, learn how gameplay mechanics go beyond the home and can make a real difference in the workplace. Industry experts break down the data behind a gamification revolution, which is currently changing how employers manage their workers and how employees learn new skills.

Led by research analyst Colin McMahon, this session will break down the principles of gamification, including how it differs from other learning styles like simulation. He will be joined by other experts who will discuss how new technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality are making it easier to integrate gamifcation into workflow processes.

Gaming is always for fun, but there is no reason that fun must be limited to personal time and place. Come learn exactly how gamification can help you and your business evolve for the future.


Colin McMahon [Research Analyst, Keypoint Intelligence - InfoTrends], Mike Levine [Founder and CEO, Happy Giant], Varun Mani [VP of Advanced Research for Vuforia, PTC], Simón Duque [Gamification Designer & Project Lead, Octalysis Group], Eran Orr [Founder and CEO, XRHealth]