Gamify Your Classroom - Change Your Life!

If you’ve ever been a teacher, parent or a student, you know that learning prescribed curricula can sometimes feel painfully boring, or seem pointless in the moment. ...But, everyone loves games!  Come meet educational insiders who are gamifying their entire classrooms to increase engagement, critical thinking, teamwork, student creativity, content retention and more. We’re no just talking about a round of review Jeopardy here, but changing the way learning happens - tests into quests, groups into guilds and learning into epic storytelling adventures. You’ll never look at learning the same way again!


Maryanne Cullinan [Enrichment Teacher, Great Brook School, NH], Teresa Kelm [A&P Teacher, Greater Waco Advanced Health Care Academy,TX], Lizz Simpson [Librarian, Ephraim Curtis Middle School, MA], Sadie Cahoon [Graphic Arts Teacher, Fall Mountain High School, NH], Dave Landry [English Teacher, LandryGame Studio & Monroe Clark Middle School, CA]