Geek Parenting Evolved: More Stories of Geeks Raising Geeks

In this sequel to our PAX West 2016 "Geeks raising Geeks" Panel we discuss how as young geeks, we saw our hobbies grow from "Just for kids" into a mainstream entertainment business. Now as adults ourselves,how are we sharing our passion with our kids. Join the discussion and story time about the virtues and unforeseen consequences of sharing your geeky hobbies with your kids.

Where is the line between sharing and oversharing? Where do you set limits with regards to cosplay, access to video games or movies, if at all? What advice can you give them if they want to pursue a career in this field.

This time we will focus on those scary teenage years, but we will also address challenges at those younger ages. Not just for parents only! Kids, teenagers, aunts’ uncles, grand parents, older siblings. Please stop by, ask questions, and share your stories and opinions with us.

Keep sharing your passion with the new generation.


Rob [Founder, geeksvsgeeks], Richard Weil [Sr. Vice President, Global Operations, ModSquad], Linda Carlson [Founder, Mythos Community Consulting], Melissa Brown [Senior Director, Developer Relations, Ultra], Katie Postma [Community Manager, Stoic]