Get Yourself Into Speedrunning: An Introduction

Have you ever watched a speedrun of a game you love and say, "I’d love to speedrun something myself, but I’m not as skilled as that runner. Where would I even start?"  Join AmberCyprian, TGH, and authorblues as they answer your questions and demonstrate just how accessible speedrunning can be! We’ll go through some of the tools and resources available to new runners, and show off some games that are extremely easy to get into, and a joy to master once you put all the pieces together. Speedrunning can be for everyone, and we’re here to show you the how and why.


AmberCyprian [Speedrunner & Bad Controller Enthusiast, Twitch Affiliate], TGH [Professional Speedrunner, Twitch Partner], authorblues [Speedrunner & Bad Games Apologist, Twitch Partner]