Grumpy Old Gamers

Chris and Bob Chipman ("The Chipman Bros Tangent Podcast," "In Bob We Trust," "Game OverThinker") are lifelong gamers nearing middle-age who don’t mind admitting it’s hard keeping up with the scene so… LONG into life.

When did the menu get so complicated? What’s a Fortnite? When did everything become a sandbox? Why do you have to subscribe to everything? And when is the new Sega console coming out, anyway?? They and their guests want get together for an old-school gripe-fest (emphasis on OLD) about these hangups and more - and also hear all of yours: Even if you DON’T think it’s all that bad these days.


Bob Chipman [Producer/Content Creator, MovieBob], Chris Chipman [Producer/Content Creator, MovieBob]