Holy Ocarina! Exploring Religion in the Legend of Zelda

Whether it’s shrines, goddesses and demons, or hints of Japanese Shintoism, the Legend of Zelda series is ripe with religious elements. Yet, even at the best of times, religion can be a tough topic to cover. Our panel of scholars, storytellers, and designers from across the gaming landscape takes on this challenge as they discuss the influence of religion in the narrative and design of the Legend of Zelda series. So come join the conversation as we explore and appreciate the interesting ways religion pops up in one of the greatest games of all time and uncover healthy and fruitful ways to use, include, and discuss religion in video games.


Jordan Brady Loewen [Scholar, Content Producer, Syracuse University], Andrew Henry [Video Essayist, Scholar, Religion for Breakfast], Javed Sterritt [Digital Artist, Good Blood], Bo Eberle [Scholar, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC-Chapel Hill], John Sanders [Scholar, Instructor, International Ivy], John Borchert [Scholar, Syracuse University]