Ages 13+

Improvisation in Roleplaying: How To Run A Game In The Now

Are you a Game Master that dreads when your players go off script? Does the thought of the adventurers wandering back into town instead of into your intricately planned dungeon make you throw your intricately drawn maps out a window? Well, then, Improvisation in Roleplaying is the panel for you. Join an expert team of authors, comedians and expert tabletop maestros and learn the secrets of how to improvise and adapt so that you can handle anything your players can throw at you. All while having more fun!


John Serpico [Improviser/Advice Columnist, ImprovBoston], John Perich [Improviser/Author, OverthinkingIt], Melissa Carubia [Improviser/Composer/Educator, Minusworld/The Company Theater], Auston Habershaw [Improviser/Professor, Harper Voyager], Bobby Smithney [Improviser, ImprovBoston]