Ages 13+

Indie Friends Modify & Play Werewolf (Final Blood!)

The end has come for our troubled village of indie game designers and friends. Returning once again, participants will, for one last time, play out our own chaotically performative, entirely unpredictable, and undeniably entertaining version of the classic social deduction game. For this final round, we’ll be revisiting many favorite panelist-submitted roles and rules from previous iterations. From all of us, we sincerely thank every attendee who has ever taken the time to enjoy our unique show, and if you haven’t seen it for yourself yet, now is your chance before we retire this long-running series with what is sure to be show-stopping conclusion!


Chris King [@batterystaple_g], Alisha Wilkerson [@itsamealishaaaa], Carol Mertz [@carolmertz], Christopher Wulf [@chriswulf_], Daniel Ferrantino [@dferrantino], Emma Larkins [@emmalarkins], Frank Washburn [@FrankalineJuice], Josh Boykin [@Wallstormer], Michael Carriere [@mcarriere], Myriame Lachapelle [@MllePilgrim], Razlo Bailey [@Razlo], Réjon Taylor-Foster [@maximum_crash], Sarah Landstrom [@sarah_landstrom], Shawn Alexander Allen [@aNuChallenger], Shawn Pierre [@ShawnPierre], Trevor Stricker [@TrevorStricker], Pete Vellucci Jr [@ryvvn]