Ages 13+

Indie Game Designers Modify and Play Werewolf

Another round of indie friends and frenemies all pointing fingers, shouting accusations, acting like fools, and stretched to their comical limits just to survive our uniquely special, chaotic game of Werewolf. Those who’ve attended any of our panels in the past can well attest: expect the unexpected in this wildly modified ride of the popular parlor game… one in which even the hapless moderator barely manages to hang on!


Pete Vellucci Jr [@ryvvn], Réjon Taylor-Foster [@Maximum_Crash], Christopher Wulf [@chriswulf_], Nicole Amato [@toits], Chris King [@batterystaple_g], Aenne Schumann [@PeachyAenne], Dominique Ferland [@dom2d], EMi Spicer [@uglymachine], Emma Larkins [@emmalarkins], Frank Washburn [@FrankalineJuice], Michael Carriere [@mcarriere], Myriame Lachapelle [@MllePilgrim], Razlo Bailey [@Razlo], Shawn Pierre [@ShawnPierre], Trevor Stricker [@TrevorStricker], Ziba Scott [@popcannibal]