Ages 13+

Influencers and Brands: Putting It All Together

Are you an influencer rising up the ranks of Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer and want to get in touch with brands for sponsorships or game companies to create cool, unique content?

Work for a brand or game company and want to unlock the talent and audiences behind awesome streaming channels?

Come visit with professionals from both sides of the spectrum to learn the best tactics for building awesome partnerships that serve you, your brand, and your company.


@DanHevia [Influencer & Publisher Relations Manager, PowerSpike], @Meg_Kaylee [Host & Partnered Twitch Streamer, Independent], @SeriouslyClara [Influencer Relations - Partnered Twitch Streamer, Sandbox Strategies], @SeanTheBaptiste [Influencer Manager, Bethesda], @rick5292 [Community Manager/PR, Warhorse Studios], @JakeBaldino [Host/Producer, Gameranx]