Ages 13+

Irrational Passions: The Best & Most Annoying RPG Tropes

Join Alex and Scott from IrrationalPassions alongside individuals from, That Nerdy Site, Super Deformed Gamescast and Annapurna Interactive as they discuss those overused and contrived tropes of the RPG Genre. From the amnesiac with mysterious past to the slaughtering of low-level rodents, we’ll talk about em! Share your own thoughts too as we hand a Mic over to the audience towards the end!


Scott White (@SolidSnake120) [Writer, Producer, Professor RPG, Irrational Passions], Alex O'Neill (@alfighter27) [Editor-in-Chief, Irrational Passions], John Phipps (@MisterMegative) [Host, SDGC], Rebekah Valentine (@DuckValentine) [North American Staff Writer, / SDGC], Trevor Starkey (@TrevorJStarkey) [Founder / Editor-in-Chief, That Nerdy Site], Kelsey Hansen (@KingsmanGadget) [Producer, Annapurna Interactive]