It's a 10/10, actually.

Have you ever played a video game, that felt like a 10/10 in your heart? Have you ever checked the review scores for that game, and realized it only scored a 7/10? Did that make you mad? Well, it happens to the best of us, so on this panel 5 industry EXPERTS each get a 5 minute window to pitch to you, the audience, why the game they love the most is a 10/10, actually.

The audience, our…meta critics if you will, gets the final vote on if the presented games are indeed a 10/10.

If the audience votes "NAY" there will be stakes…


Wout McDutch [Social Media Manager, Evolve PR], Rami Ismail [Founder, Vlambeer], Jake Baldino [Host / Leads video producer, Gameranx], Reed Albers [Marketing Director, Powerspike], Jessica Lynn Verdi [Actor, Easy Allies / Ridley Improv / Hyper RPG]