Jackbox Party PAX

Have you ever laughed so hard that you kicked your legs out and then your shoes flew off and hit someone else, but you got all scared because you are afraid of confrontation, and then it turned out it was fine because they were laughing too and they had kicked their own shoes while giggling and took out a bird that was flying by?

You ever have that happen? Just me?

Well if you want it to happen to you, come to this panel. There’s going to be laughing, so much laughing, as five very funny people (Tycho Brahe, Kris Straub, Xavier Woods, Anna Prosser, and Aaron Bleyart) play a funny game for a funny audience (you!).


Jerry Holkins [Creator, Penny Arcade], Kris Straub [Lovely boy, Local 58], Xavier Woods [Superstar, WWE], Anna Prosser [Personality, Twitch], Aaron Bleyart [Producer, Team Coco]