JRPGs are Bad and Why You Should Play Them Anyway

Ah, the Japanese Role-Playing Game, one of the oldest and most prolific genres in the medium, as well as the genre that has perhaps evolved the least - or has it? Join a band of JRPG nuts as we talk about what makes a JRPG a JRPG, where the genre came from, where it’s going and how it’s impacting other genres in the thrilling return of one of the best panels of all time.


Breeze Grigas [Director, Zephyr Workshop], Rejon Taylor-Foster [Mad Scientist, Maximum Crash], Joey Pagano [Art Director, White Clover Worlds], Andrew Linde [Founder, Juncture Media], Ethan Wolfe [Engineer in Test, WeWork], Gage Conklin [Audio Specialist, AudioGage]