Keeping it Together: Self-Care in the Age of the Internet

There’s a lot of good on the internet, but even then, there’s still a bunch of bad eggs out there bringing everyone else down. With how often people are harassed or dragged into drama online, it’s unsurprising social media hiatuses have become increasingly common. Many times, the negative effects of being plugged in 24/7 don’t become apparent until it’s too late. Plus, when your work has you online all the time, it can be even harder to create healthier spaces on the internet. In this panel, a group of game industry professionals discuss how they’ve kept their mental health in check while existing on the World Wide Web and how you can, too!


Catherine Litvaitis [Social Marketing Manager, Digital Continue], Krysti Pryde [Senior Product Marketing Specialist, TIDAL], Bianca Ciotti [Social Media Manager, Minecraft Earth], Rim Abou-Jawde [Community Manager, Rainway], Bo Marit [Lead Community Manager, Frontier], Caroline Liddick [Marketing Director, Limited Run Games]