Law and Order: VGU Episode 2

The Legal Issues panel is back! What’s with publishers suing people who cheat at online games? Why do fan games keep getting taken down? How can I navigate Twitch’s policies on harassment and intellectual property? I want to make a game, how can I make sure it’s legally protected? What does a major studio closure mean for the developers? Are loot boxes gambling? Come by for your briefing by four lawyers and a Twitch community manager on these questions and more.


@NYGameLawyer [Senior Director of Legal & Business Affairs, Tilting Point], @GeekAttorney [Attorney, Chief Legal Officer, Lee Law Services; Melon Seed Media], @LizOvcLegal [Attorney, Overclocked Legal], @tha_rami [Vlambeer], @brandonjhuffman [Attorney, General Counsel, Odin Law and Media, IGDA]