MEGABOOTH Presents: Building Bridges & Breaking Barriers

This biannual Indie MEGABOOTH and pals panel will bring together a new, diverse group of indie dev allies who are actively working in the video game space to help bridge cultural gaps and create positive communities. The panelists will share personal stories of how they overcame cross-cultural challenges, both in their own backyard and across the world! Come hear fascinating anecdotes and learn how you can break down barriers in your local communities. We promise there will be loads of laughs! BONUS: Each attendee will get a raffle ticket for a chance to win a limited edition Indie MEGABOOTH pin—an official Pinny Arcade—woot woot!


Kelly Wallick (@kellywallick) [Founder & CEO, Indie MEGABOOTH], Sarah Elmaleh (@selmaleh) [Voice Actor, Gone Home / Anthem], Ichiro Lambe (@dejobaan) [Founder & President, Dejobaan Games, LLC], Shawn Pierre (@ShawnPierre) [Founder, OriGaminc], Gwen Frey (@direGoldfish) [Founder, Chump Squad]