Ages 13+

Mental Health & Experience Design: Building IRL EXP

Players’ tendencies towards emotions and thoughts are perpetuated or changed by game experiences. Gaming experience can be broken down into emotions felt and decisions made while gaming; interaction can be captured in elements of game design like players’ adaptation to interfaces or observations of characters manipulating fictional interfaces. This panel discusses how and when elements of psychological, visual, and narrative design help players translate game experiences into daily life.


Celeste Sangiorgio [Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate, Adjunct Professor, St. John's University], Zhi-Fang Li [Artist & Designer specializing in technology and culture, Assistant Professor,, Kutztown University], Dash Lunde [Copy, music, and content writer specializing in interactive and ambient platforms, Virtual Perfection Cowboy], Imogen Moon [Designer & Product Manager of media & commerce platforms], Brian Pena [Digital artist & Freelance Motion Designer, Cazador Studio]