Moral Panic Begone: Real Talk About Raising Gamer Kids

Video games have gotten a bad reputation over the years, especially among parents. But as our kids get older and the tech becomes more sophisticated, a lot of parents are afraid of losing their children to games altogether. But just as our parents didn’t lose us to video games (or television or the Em-Tee-Vee), we’re not losing our kids, either. Join us for a discussion about kids, video games, moral panics, and why Fortnite won’t melt your kid’s brain.


Amanda Farough [Editor-in-Chief, SuperParent], Michael Futter [Contributing Editor, SuperParent], Stephen Duetzmann [Founder, Engaged Family Gaming], Dr. Rachel Kowert [Chief Science Officer, Kitsuni Analytics], John Phipps [Founder, Super Deformed Gamescast], Karlyn Meyer [President, Chicago Nerd Social Club]