Nintendstradamus: Figuring Out Nintendo's Next 5 Years

Divining the future is a mystical art that requires opening the Sacred Realm, visiting the Star Road, Gigantamaxing Pokemon, and thawing out Metroids. Join the experts from Nintendo World Report (and friends!) as they convene to discuss the next five years of Nintendo, using previously announced games, educated guessing, and fanboy speculation to guide them. What should we expect with the future of 3D Mario? When will we see the next 2D Zelda? What’s gonna happen to Mario Kart? Will Metroid Prime 4 ever come out? Will the likes of Mother 3 and F-Zero ever return?


Neal Ronaghan [Zebesian Prophet, Nintendo World Report], Alex Culafi [Galarian Soothsayer, Nintendo World Report], Matt Zawodniak [Diviner of the Smash Bros., Nintendo World Report], Joe DeVader [Spoony Bard, Nintendo World Report]