Not For Resale: A Video Game Store Documentary

A screening of the documentary feature film followed by Q&A.

Independently owned video game stores specializing in used media can be found all across North America, but these shops and their owners face an uncertain future. Internet-dependent consoles, rising data speeds, and the cost-heavy path to retail has lead most games to be sold exclusively in digital storefronts.

Not For Resale examines the sea change in video gaming from physical media to the digitally distributed future. When physical media sunsets, what gets left behind?


Over a dozen game store owners across the US & Canada

Dave Hagewood (Psyonix, Rocket League)

Andrea Rene (What’s Good Games)

Frank Cifaldi (The Video Game History Foundation)

Greg Miller (Kinda Funny)

James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd, Cinemassacre)

Pat Contri (Author, Pat the NES Punk)

Kelsey Lewin (Pink Gorilla Games)

Blake J. Harris (Author, “Console Wars”)

David Gibson (The Library of Congress)

And more!


Kevin J. James [Director, Not For Resale], Pat Contri [Executive Producer, Not For Resale], Phil Healy [Associate Producer, Not For Resale]