PAX 102: You've PAXed, But Maybe You Missed Some Things

Maybe you’ve been to a PAX before or you just took PAX 101. You’ve got the basics down, but there’s so much more to this convention. What are you missing? ARG Pokémon, community-made goods, knitting circles, cookie deliveries, comedy troupes, fancy dinners, drinking for charity? Learn how to get in on these lesser-known events, how to start your own, and most importantly, keep the fun going when PAX ends. Upgrade from a PAX newb to a PAX pro!


gfx#0001 [Community Leader, PCD], Shane [Organizer, Cookie Brigade], Fionna [Organizer, Pokecrawl], ClannMorgan [Organizer, Pre-PAX], Erkenhelm [Admin, PAX Pokemon League], Unfun#4618 [Admin, Pinny Pals]