PAX Orientation: Team Tactics

New to PAX? The Orientation panel returns to unleash a barrage of tips, tricks, and hints that’ll help you maximize your PAX XP. Come meet new friends and chat with members of the industry during this fun, inclusive panel/mixer designed to make connections and help you feel welcome. We’ll share our stories and advice on how to PAX, play some trivia, and help you have the best PAX experience possible during a potential polar vortex. Come meet other gamers and make friends for the weekend… or maybe even for life!


Ash Sevilla [Host, Nerd Appropriate], Miellyn Barrows [Writer, Gorgeous Robot], Cissy Jones [Voice Actor, Firewatch / Darksiders 3], Erin Fusco [Private Citizen, Best Friend], Briana White [Voice Actor, Final Fantasy 7R]