Pinquizition III: Pinfinity War

The ultimate test of Pinny Arcade and pop culture knowledge is back. PAX East is in Jeopardy. The Pinfinity Lanyard nears completion, causing a Chain Reaction that will alter the universe. Will you Press your Luck and be the winner? Will the Wheel of Fortune turn against you? We Double Dare you to find out. Win, Lose or Draw, you’ll have the time of your life. Don’t have the Concentration to be in the spotlight but still want a prize? Bring some random geeky swag and Let’s Make a Deal.


Joe "pureval" La Dow [Member, Pinny Community], Zach "arigold" Howard [Member, Pinny Community], Jim "combat_wombat" Wirwille [Member, Pinny Community], Peter "pedroasani" Jones [Member, Pinny Community], Patrick "LXAKA1287" Hahe [Member, Pinny Community]