Play in your Lane: Respectfully RPing Outside your Identity

Roleplaying can be a powerful tool for building empathy and understanding, but how can you make sure you’re playing respectfully and accurately? This panel aims to address what it means to explore identities outside of your own through roleplay, accurately & respectfully. We’ll explore the personal experiences of several experienced & notable roleplayers who have approached the subject over the years, & discuss methods you can use to ensure your own characters are accurate and respectful.


Kikka Delarose [Journalist, Stream Talent, Independent], Grant Ellis [Producer, Designer, WebDM, 2cGaming], Hannah Rose [Coproducer, Worlds Apart], Kris Straub [Artist, Designer, Writer, ChainSawSuit, Penny Arcade], Margaret Henry [Actor, Independent Contractor], Nika Harper [writer/performer, Independent]