Pokémon - I Choose You! Adventure

You wake up on a beanbag in the handheld area at PAX and are late to your Pokémon panel in the Bobcat Theatre. Do you valiantly rush up to the microphone and take your chance as a Pokémon trainer? Or do you sheepishly slink into a seat in the back and examine your Pokéballs and training gear…


An original Pokémon story game brought to you by your favorite hosts from StreetPass Long Island, StreetPass Boston, and Poképroblemspodcast.


Miz Sylver [Chief Event Organizer, StreetPass Boston], Sean Sullivan [Admin, StreetPass Long Island], Debbie Lee [Co-Founder, StreetPass Long Island], Geoffery Kappenberg [Admin, StreetPass Long Island], The Wolf Doctor [Co-Host, Pokeproblemspodcast]