Positive Play: Tackling Negativity in Online Games

The world of games by no means has a monopoly on toxic online behavior, but it’s something we must confront all the same. In this talk, a panel of game developers creating a multiplayer title, a popular Overwatch streamer, a veteran member of the games press, and a clinical psychologist explore how the gaming community, from the people who design games to the players themselves, can foster better relations and build a more positive space for us to enjoy the medium we love.


Frederic Oughdentz [Game Designer, Shiro Games], Brendan Sinclair [North American Editor, GamesIndustry International / Gamer Network], Fuey500 [Partnered Twitch Streamer, Fuey500 Twitch Channel], Dr. B [Clinical Director, Take This Charity], Adrien Briatta [Head of Publishing, Shiro Games]