Rated E for Everyone: The benefits of gaming as a family

Many parents grew up playing video games as kids. We’re eager to share those triumphs and heartbreaks with our kids as they take on games as a hobby of their own. Can video games be a part of the 2020 family? Of course. Is there a single right way to do that? No. This panel brings together the perspectives of parents who grew up gaming and now make the types of games they want to share with their kids. We’re developers, publishers, and scientists. We’re also parents. We’ll share stories about how games have brought our families together, some rules of thumb brought on by learning from our mistakes, and what we hope the future will look like.


Bekah Saltsman [Co-founder and CEO, Finji], Jason Kahn [Co-founder and Chief Science Officer, Mightier], Chris Foster [Lead Designer, Firehose Games], Katie Postma [Community Manager, Stoic]