Remaking or Reinventing Games? The Science Behind Nostalgia

We hear the term “nostalgia” and “remakes” quite a bit in gaming and the entertainment industry. But why are we so attached to the psychology of past positive emotions? And why do remakes tend to violate our expectations of those previous memories? Our panel and panelists will discuss the importance of nostalgia, how it can be used negatively and positively, and how we can use nostalgia and push games forward.


@FusRoDoc [Assistant Professor, Appalachian State University], @VideoGameDoc [Executive Director, The Telos Project], @XsarahdactylX [Co-Owner/Lead Clinician, Save Point Behavioral Health], @silnan [Assistant Professor, Ohio Northern University], @DrRKelly [Clinical Psychologist, Southeastern Psych], @drkowert [Chief Scientific Officer, Kitsune Analytics]