Ages 13+

Renegade vs Paragon: morality lessons from a horrible goose

Being bad is good, at least when it comes to being a horrible goose, yet the majority of gamers choose to Always Play Nice. Our panel revisits some classic gaming moral dilemmas, and some new ones invented by your chaotic neutral host, and the audience. From slapping a reporter in Mass Effect to harvesting little sisters for Adam, via the trolley problem, geese, and Vault 34. Will the renegades see the light and go good? How virtuous can you be when you’ve been bitten by a zombie? Battling for the souls of the audience, and indeed all of PAX East, our panellists debate the merits of being evil, being a goody-two-shoes, and where the shades of grey lie. Between each debate the goose’s bell shall toll – which side will you choose, Renegade, or Paragon? And can you shift the panel’s alignment with your own gaming moral dilemmas? It’s morality meets gaming, via a horrible goose!


Robin Bates [Overlord & Founder, Coaching for Geeks], Anya Combs [Director of Games Outreach, Kickstarter], Tim Ludy [Podcast Host and Cosplayer, Under the Capes], Kyle-Steven Porter [Board Member, PAX Diversity Lounge Manager, Geeks OUT], Victoria Tran [Communications Director, Kitfox Games]