SDGC Presents: Ranking the Final Fantasy Spinoffs!

How many times have you seen the same articles and lists repeatedly ranking the fifteen core Final Fantasy games? Sometimes it seems like there are more Final Fantasy rankings annually than there are core Final Fantasy titles! But how often does a group of passionate Final Fantasy diehards in the gaming industry get together and rank the exhaustive list of Final Fantasy SPINOFFS? If you said “never” (the correct answer), that changes now! From strategy games to mainline sequels to mobile titles and everywhere in between, come watch (and help!) our panel of industry veterans, journalists, and content creators provide the DEFINITIVE ranking of Final Fantasy offshoots!


John Phipps [Creator/Cohost, SDGC, IGN freelancer], Amanda Farough [Writer/Editor,], Sarah LaBoeuf [Writer/Editor, Polygon, NBC], Matthew Finneman [Marketing/PR Supervisor, SDGC], Krysti Pryde [Senior Product Marketing Specialist, TIDAL], Tom Johnson [Producer, Gameranx], Kyle Gaddo