Steering the Hype Train: Dev Tales in Marketing

What does it take to actually get people excited about a game? Join our panelists who’ve worked on games such as ‘Sunless Skies’, ‘Boyfriend Dungeon’, ‘Mothergunship’, and ‘Tacoma’ as they discuss colorful anecdotes from the weird and wonderful ways they’ve won their time in the spotlight and rallied entire communities. With more games available than ever before, devs big and small are required to come up with creative ideas on how to gain airtime.


Haley Uyrus [Marketing & Communications Manager, Mediatonic], Victoria Tran [Community Developer, Kitfox Games], Chris Dwyer [Marketing Developer, Independent], Dan Butchko [Founder & CEO, Playcrafting], Joe Mirabello [Game Director, Terrible Posture Games], Mike Futter [Author, The GameDev Business Handbook]