Ages 13+

Tabletop System Wars

It’s our eighth year at PAX East! Bring your wildest one-shot and campaign ideas, and we’ll tell you which tabletop roleplaying system you should use and why. New rules or old school? Story game or simulation? Crunchy or freeform? Our team of designers, editors, geeks, and grognards will brainstorm and debate until you’ve got the system that fits. You bring the ideas—we’ll bring the nerd rage.


Brian Liberge [Game Designer, Beer Star Games], T.W.Wombat [RPG Editor/Writer/Designer, Freelance], Matt Maranda [Game Hoarder, Gamer Assembly], Meg McGinley [Fun Maker, Games by Playdate], Bob Smith [RPG Hype Man, Battleground Games & Hobbies], Tresi Arvizo [Indie Game Hipster, Gamer Assembly]