VG247 Presents How to Write an RPG

Join us for a chat about the challenges and process behind writing for branching narratives, shared worlds, and the large casts of various kinds of RPGs. How do you make sure player choice feels meaningful, and how do you give players a sense of ownership over their character in a predetermined story? This talk will also include examples from specific games the panelists have worked on, with anecdotes of problem solving and the methods employed by writers. The session will close out with a Q/A


Matt Martin [Editor], Kirk McKeand [Deputy Editor], Emily Grace Buck [Narrative Designer & Writer, RPG Waylanders (previously Telltale)], Megan Starks [Senior Narrative Designer (and Writer), Obsidian], Matt Firor [Elder Scrolls Online Game Director, Bethesda], Kieron Kelly [Divinity: Original Sin 2 Production Manager, Larian], Shawn Alexander Allen [Game Designer, Treachery in Beatdown City]