Video Game Music Theory: Mode Select

Video game music is a hugely important part to many of our lives. It has underscored many of our fondest childhood memories, from hearing the Credits Theme to A Link to the Past, or having your heart pound while hearing the Champion Battle Music in Pokémon. FamilyJules, insaneintherainmusic, Sab Irene & 8BitMusicTheory delve into modal music to show the powerful emotional impact modes can have on the listener. No music theory experience required, we’ll make things simple as possible for you!


FamilyJules [YouTuber, FamilyJules], insaneintherainmusic [YouTuber, insaneintherainmusic], 8bitmusictheory [YouTuber, 8bitmusictheory], Sab Irene [YouTuber, Sab Irene]