Video Game Shark Tank: Pitch your dream game!

Got a cool idea for a game? Wish someone would take it seriously? We’ve brought several members of the games industry who hear games pitches as part of their jobs to listen to your ideas for a dream game! They’ll give feedback both serious and silly to your wildest ideas. Whether it’s a random pitch you had one day for giggles or something you’re seriously thinking of making, come share it and see if our industry "sharks" think it’s interesting.

DISCLAIMER: This is for fun. No one is getting a game funded/published/backed/anything else based on this panel. Do not bother these people for money or support for your game just because they think your idea for a Garfield twin-stick shooter is "kind of neat."


Rebekah Valentine [Staff Writer, North America,], Eric Van Allen [News Editor, USGamer], Shane Bierwith [VP of Business Development, Modus Games], Lindsey Rostal [Partner, Kowloon Nights, CEO, Timberline Studio], Randy Pitchford [CEO, Gearbox], Jeff Legaspi [Marketing Manager, Annapurna Interactive]