Ages 13+

Video Games And Hip Hop with Mega Ran and Sammus

With its status as an all-encompassing culture, hip-hop has found its way into all sorts of industries ranging from fashion, skateboarding, film, sports, and even gaming. To some it may seem like an unlikely union, but doubt not; for hip-hop music and video games have quite the history, whether it’s soundtracks, style, playable characters, or even easter eggs.

Both industries are more similar than you might think. Join us as we break each down together!


Raheem J Jarbo [Musician, Random Beats Music], Sammus [Musician, Sammus], Leron Gray [Artist, Ohm-I], Ryan Davis [Artist, Kadesh Flow], Eric Medina [Owner, NERDS Clothing], Marcus Brown [Artist, Richie Branson]