We got your back: How gaming communities improve health

One of the best things about gaming is belonging to a community of gamers. When you game as part of a community, you build friendships by sharing fun (well, OK; sometimes frustration) and relieving stress together. The social interactions in gaming communities can be great—players can learn and share resources through casual chat, or develop deep and lasting bonds. Just feeling that you belong to a community is a protective factor against suicide. Some communities go a step further—they develop programs to specifically improve health and educate around health issues. In this panel we’ll talk about the research and various efforts going on in this space and give suggestions for how other gaming communities can help their members’ health.


Michelle Colder Carras [Founder, Gaming and Wellness Association (GameWell)], Mat Bergendahl [Director of Suicide Prevention (StOP), Stack Up], Kelli Dunlap [Ambassador Program Manager, Take This], Rachel Kowert [Research Director, Take This], Raffael Boccamazzo [Clinical Director, Take This]